by Genethliac

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released November 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Genethliac Salinas, California

Slam/Brutal Death Metal from Salinas, California.
Anthony Gervin - Vocals
Christian Galvan - Guitar
Jerry Rodriguez aka Metal Jerry - Drums

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Track Name: A Plethora of Specimens
A plethora of specimens from all walks of life. I view these rats as mine, a pending tragedy that I support. I am fully capable of stopping this disaster, but I won't do that.
Instead I'll fantasize about their minds and souls being torn into different dimensions. Some would say that my lack of humanity is sickening, I am perfectly fine with this.
I realize that my decision can be seen as murder. This does not faze me for happiness has been achieved. Now that I think about it, I'm a sick human being.
Track Name: A Blighting Existence
Why prolong the inevitable? I implore you to end your existence. An existence that means nothing. An existence filled with contradiction and error. Redundancy accurately describes your life.
Revel in failure, failure to contribute anything to the human race. A flawed civilization that does not need your fucking kind.
The kind that over populates this planet that exists in a sea of cosmos. Like a disease, slowing killing the fundamentals of what is good.
So this I advise you, end your disgusting existence. Only progress can be made when you're gone. Your death will serve as a suppressor to an undying plague.
Track Name: Perplexed
Bombarded by subjective experiences. Reason died as you succumbed to idiocy. Devoid of logic, your character will slowly be buried.
Emotion, an abomination, the torturer of your sanity. Manipulated beyond belief, your weakness is disappointing.
I'll watch you suffer psychologically as you writhe in an inferior mindset. Emotion induced trauma, smothered by the onset of regret. Dire consequences etched into your brain permanently.
Embrace a life full of resent, your foolish actions leave me perplexed
Track Name: Metastasis
Enter a juncture of suffering with no end in sight. Quality of character and life are ignored. The way of acquiring is irrelevant. A structure of flesh and bone slowly begins to fail.
Mutating cells swarming bloodstreams, penetrating and replicating. Birthing forth a legion of malignant horror. Immune system ravaged, new viruses able to dwell without restraint.
Feeble attempts to rid of this nightmare result in failure. Condemned to suffer until it takes you away.
Metastasis, vital organ functions deteriorate. Metastasis, drowned beneath waves of fatigue. Metastasis, cancer cancels life.